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Zhuravsky Andrei


Zhuravsky Andrei Olegovich

Birthday : 11 December 1994 г.

Country : Ukraine

City : Kiev

Citizenship : Ukrainian

Education : Kiev Children's Academy of Arts. Graduated in 2013 Kiev National University of Theatre, Cinema and TV “Karpenko-Kariy”

Employment : Kiev Children's Academy of Arts Kyiv National University of Theatre, Film and Television I.K. Karpenko-Karogo

Passport availability : yes

Driving : Quad, bicycle, moped, water transport

Height : 183

Weight : 73

Eyes : Grey-green

Hair : Dark-blue

Clothing size : L

Shoes size : 43

Exterior : Endomorph

National type : European

Languages : Russian, Ukrainian (native) Polish, English (basic)

Sport : Football, karate, cycling, swimming, volleyball, archery, athletics, tennis, ping-pong, boxing

Dancing : Classic, machine tool, stage, rock 'n' roll

Musical : Piano, guitar

Voice : Baritone

Weapon : sabre, dagger, sword, club, bow, crossbow, musket, revolver, smoothbore weapons

Theatrical character : A lover-hero, dramatic, antagonist, comedian

Experience : over 10

Skills : Fencing

Dubbing : yes


2016"Nykhach" Waiter
2013"The Return of Mukhtar 8"
2013"Matchmaker’s 6" Kolya
2012"Mukhtar’s Return" Mitya


2015"Flower Road" Zavyalov
2015"Chudak - Dead Man or Mysterious Box" Merlyush
2015"Antigone" Hemon
2014"By the Sea (Kabanchik)" Lesha
2014"Night after graduation" Gena
2013"A Streetcar named Desire" Stanley
2013"Ivanov" Ivanov
2013Ilf and Petrov "12 chairs" Ostap Bender
2013"Tomorrow was war" Zhora Landys, Sashka Stameskin
2012"Mishin's Victory" Mishin
2012"The Self-Murderer" Podsekalnikov
2010"Shrewd Abolition" Petruccio
2009"The Auditor" Khlestakov