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Gudz Eugene


Gudz Eugene Viktorovich

Birthday : 4 April 1997 г.

Country : Ukraine

City : Kiev

Citizenship : Ukrainian

Education : National Institute of Theatre, Film and TV, Kyiv

Employment : National Institute of Theatre, Film and TV, Kyiv

Passport availability : yes, until 2025

Drive license : no

Driving : bike, moped, quad

Height : 184

Weight : 65

Eyes : brown

Hair : brown

Clothing size : М

Shoes size : 42

Exterior : normal

National type : European, slavic

Languages : English, spanish

Sport : Athletics, gymnastics, football, basketball, volleyball, skiing, skating, bobsleigh.

Dancing : folk, ballroom, modern

Musical : guitar, piano

Voice : baritone

Weapon : Knife, sword, sword, gun

Theatrical character : comedy, drama, tragedy

Experience : 1-5 years

Skills : Fencing, horse riding, swimming, melee combat, martial arts, staged fights, diving


2018House “Slovo”Taras TomenkoFresh Production Group
2016Bad Good CopSemyonMaxim LitvinovStarLight Films, FILM.UA, ISTV


2016"Witness for the prosecution"Lawyer
2016"Barbarians" role of Gigans
2016"Intrigue and Love"President
2015"Warsaw Melody"Victor
2015"The Bench"Lyosha