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Grube Daynis


Grube Daynis Gennadevich

Latvian Theatres' Award of “The Night of Artists”:
Best Actor 2015 - for roles of Michael Berg in “The Reader”
and Alan Strang in “Equus” (also People’s Choice Awards)
Best actor 2014 - for roles of Ben in “The Expelled” and Song Liling in “M.Butterfly” (also
People’s Choice Awards)
Latvian Theatres' Nominations for the award of “The Night of Artists”:
Best actor 2016 – for role of Creature in “Frankenstein” (also People’s Choice Awards)

Birthday : 28 February 1984 г.

Country : Latvia

City : Riga

Citizenship : Latvian

Education : Latvian Academy of Culture, Department of Acting – Bachelor Degree (2005-2009) Participated in modern style dancing masterclasses in France (Nice, OFF JAZZ)

Employment : “Dailes” Theatre actor since 2009

Passport availability : yes

Drive license : Category B

Height : 190

Eyes : grey-blue

Hair : brown

Exterior : slim

Languages : Latvian – native, Russian – excellent, English – excellent, German – good

Sport : skiing, snowboard, kite-board


2018“VAN GOGI” PolicemanSergey Livnev (RU)Forma Pro Films
2018“TEMPTATION” PhisherSergey Shcherbin (RU)1+1 Production
2018“WELCOME TO MERCY” (aka “BEATUS”)The Young Pastor FrankTommy Bertelsen (USA)Forma Pro Films
2018“HERO”WaiterKaren Oganesyan (RU)Kargo Films; Riga Film Studia
2018“RED FOREST”Leons (leading role)Armands Zvirbulis (LV), Normunds Pucis (LV)Red Dot Media
2017“THE MOVER”FritzDavis Simanis (LV)Mistrus Media
2017“LOVE THROUGH THE ENTER KEY” Henry (leading role)Aleksandr Timenko (UA)1+1 Production
2016“FIRSTBORN"GatisAik Karapetian (AM)Lokomatīve
2016“THE PAGAN KING”Prince of SaaremaaA.Grauba-Pihto (LV)Platforma
2016“PARIS SONG” (“AMRE”)The Soviet SoldierJeff Vespa (USA)Forma Pro Films
2015“HOUSE BY THE LAKE”AdamArmands Zvirbulis (LV)LTV channel
2014“STREET OF ANGELS” ArnisArnis Kopshtals (LV)LTV channel
2013“HERITAGE"The PostmanAlexander Kasatkin (RU)IVAN Production
2011“DREAM TEAM 1935”MotierA.Grauba-Motier (SW)Platforma
2008“LOVE ME FOREVER”Gustav (leading role)Armands Zvirbulis (LV)LNT channel


2018“JERUSALEM” supporting role of LeeL.Groza-Kibere (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2018“AFTER MISS JULIE”leading role of JohnL.Groza-Kibere (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2018“WHITE CROWS IN BLACK COLOR”central role of AdalsIntars Reshetins (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2018“LULU”leading men’s role of AlvaDz.Dz.Dzilindzers (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2017“PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY”leading role of Dorian GrayL.Groza-Kibere (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2017“CARMEN"supporting role of EskamilioR.Atkochunas (LT)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2015“INCENDIES”leading roles Ralph, Abdelsmad, Doctor, Shool Principal, Guide, Shamsedin, Gihane, Soldier M.Eihe (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2015“FRANKENSTEIN”leading role of Creature L.Groza-Kibere (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2014“THE EXPELLED”leading role of BenO.Korshunovas (LT)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2014“MILADY"supporting role of PatrickDz.Dz.Dzilindzers (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2014“RICHARD III”supporting role of Edward, Prince of WalesV.Meikshans (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2014“ALL HER BOOKS” after B.Schlink’s novel “The Reader”leading role Michael BergD.Petrenko (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2014“PETER PAN”leading role Peter PanL.Groza-Kibere (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2013“SALOME”leading role of JokanaanL.Groza-Kibere (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2013“GONE WITH THE WIND”supporting role of Big SamJan Willem van den Boss (UK)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2013“BLASTED"leading role of IanV.Rozins (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2013“M.BUTTERFLY"leading role of Song LilingL.Groza-Kibere (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2012“ROMEO AND JULIET”supporting role of BalthasarDz.Dz.Dzilindzers (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2012"THE REAL THING” supporting role of Billy M.Gruzdovs (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2012"THE MINDLESS ZELDA”leading role of Francis Scott FitzgeraldDz.Dz.Dzilindzers (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2012“FINITA LA COMEDIA!”supporting role of David JakovlevichAlexander Morfov (BGR)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2011"THE REPUBLIC OF THE CROW STREET”leading role of Little KarlisL.Groza (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2011“THREE LITTLE SPANS: OUT AND HOME”supporting role in concert performanceG.Ecis (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2011“I-FRIDA KAHLO”leading role of CielitoL.Groza (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2011“LEADING LADIES”supporting role of ButchDz.Dz.Dzilindzers (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2011“MARLEN” musicalsupporting role in ensembleI.Michule (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2010“F.YOUR DADDY”leading role of BaneL.Groza (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2010“BRIVIBAS 36”leading role of IlyaL.Groza (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2010“MARY STUART”supporting role of Security GuardDz.Dz.Dzilindzers (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2010“FAREWELL IN JUNE”leading role of Bukin M.Eihe (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2010“CHRISTMAS OF THREE LITTLE PIGS”eading role of DonD.Grube, A.Dicis, M.Pocs, K.Freimanis (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2009"THE IDIOT. THE LAST NIGHT”leading role of Prince L.N.Mishkin I.Roga, M.Gruzdovs (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2009“COLONEL PILAT”leading role of The WordlessM.Gruzdovs (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”
2009“TYL"leading role of Tyl M.Gruzdovs (LV)Latvian Theatre “Dailes”