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Belyaev Aleksey


Belyaev Aleksey Antonovich

Birthday : 21 March 1996 г.

Country : Ukraine

City : Kiev

Citizenship : Ukraine

Education : Kiev Karpenko-Kariy national university of theatre, movie and TV. Actor. 2017

Employment : Kiev Academic Theater of the Young Spectator on Lipki

Passport availability : available

Drive license : Category B

Driving : Bike, car, Jet ski, ATV

Height : 185

Weight : 90

Eyes : Black

Hair : Middle dark, brown

Clothing size : M,L

Shoes size : 43

Exterior : Normal, sporty

National type : European, Slavic, Asian, Mulan, Gypsy

Languages : English

Sport : Football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, hockey, skiing, skating, swimming, aikido, karate, horseback riding

Dancing : Folk, historical and domestic, ballroom, modern,

Musical : Guitar, piano, drums, organ

Voice : Tenor, baritone

Weapon : Knife, Saber, Sword, Pistol

Theatrical character : Comedy, drama, Tragedy, lyrics,

Experience : 5-10 years

Skills : Fencing, horseback riding, swimming, hand-to-hand combat, martial arts, staged fights, martial arts, diving

Description :
About herself: There is nothing impossible for those who have youth and beauty. There is no border. If you want something, go and take it. Theatre and cinema is my life from birth and even in the womb.


2017Temptation thief
2017Dog - 3Ivan Producer Tereshchuk S.PRO-TV
2017He who does not sleep Oleksov Baranov E.Accel Time Production
2016Single soldier
2014Code of Constantine Teacher
2014Prosecutors Addict, major


"Let the Heart free and it will lead you into Slavery"Mykyta Haltshuk
"Westside Story"Puertorican
"Butterflies are free"Director Ralph Austin
"Christmas at the Cupiello's"Lead role - Luca Cupiello